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Terms of use

Service Description offers transfer services to travelers. Our transfer services can be from a passenger terminal (airport / seaport / bus station / train station) to a hotel of your choice or vice-versa. We cover transfer services between a terminal and a hotel of the same area, or between a terminal and a hotel in a more distant area / city. Selection of available transfer areas for each terminal is automatic; you are easily guided to the destination of your choice, through our automatic selection interface.

  • Our transfer services may include taxis, buses, cars, mini-buses, boats, limos. Depending on the destination of your choice, some or all of these transfer types may be available.
  • Each transfer service may either be private (exclusive for you) or shared with other passengers. This, together with other, more detailed information is available directly when you search for a transfer service and after you register and confirm it.
  • Your transport will be a taxi type E-Class Mercedes Benz and limousines.
  • The price includes up to 4 persons.
  • The price does not include the cost of entry to museums or archaeological sites, food or drinks.
  • If there are any passengers that have any medical condition that we need to know, please do let us know in advance.


Service Delivery Policy

  • Right after you have paid for your transfer service, you will receive an email, including the Voucher, which holds the complete details of your service. This voucher will include all the necessary information you will need, in order to have your service delivered (such as the meeting time and meeting point with our driver), as well as contact information (such as service phones and contact hours).
  • If necessary, we or our representative (service vendor) may contact you, to arrange the details of your transfer, prior to delivery, especially in case you need us to pick you up in a very special pickup location.


Terms of Use for our Transfer Services

  • We will not accept responsibility where incorrect or insufficient information has been provided, by the client.
  • Please make sure that you complete correctly your phone number, including the international code (e.g. "0045...» for Denmark). This phone will be required, so we may contact you after your booking, to verify your information. You will also need to have this phone activated when you arrive at the pickup point, so our driver may contact you. If this phone cannot be active while in Greece, you should provide a 2ndary phone number, where our driver may contact you, at the pickup location.
  • Please make sure you enter the correct information, during all steps of the booking process and verify them, before proceeding to the finalizing of your service
  • You may be required to provide Identification (show us your ID card or passport, before using our taxis or buses). Please make sure that you complete the passengers’ names correctly.
  • You may be required to show you’re Purchase Voucher, which you receive by email, right after your purchase, before boarding.
  • We undertake that all our drivers will be familiar with our guidelines on meeting and collecting passengers, from the drop-off / pickup locations.
  • Transfer details, including instructions on meeting the driver, may be provided in writing, in form of a booking confirmation when the booking is made. You may use the "comments" field of the booking form, in order to provide such information.
  • If the passenger(s) cannot find our driver, they must not leave the pickup location, without calling us by phone. If they do so, payment is nonrefundable and we take no responsibility whatsoever in any alternative measures the passenger may take to transfer themselves to their accommodation.
  • Online cancellations have never been so easy: Just use the link "Manage Transfer" on the main menu.
  • If you are unable to cancel your booking, please contact us at
  • Please check our terms and conditions for cancellation and amendment charges, below.
  • Upon purchasing any of our Services, you accept the Service Terms of Use and the Website Terms of use, as described in this page.


Amendments that you make to bookings

  • Booking amendments are not available. Instead, you are able to cancel your transfer service and book a new one. In such a case, our Cancellation and Refunding Policies apply (please refer to the next section).


Cancellation / Refunding Policy

  • Cancellations must be actioned online, on the Website. This is free of any administration charge. The time limit this action can be performed depends on the service, as we use multiple vendors to deliver. You are informed on this time limit, on your Confirmation Voucher, which is sent to you by email, right after your purchase. If you have any problems cancelling your service online, you should send an email to, within Greek office hours (9am to 5pm). We cannot guarantee emails will be actioned, if received outside of our Greek office hours.
  • The cancellation refund price depends on the policy of our 3rd party transportation suppliers. In most cases, cancellation fees are as follows:
  •     - Standard 12% cancellation fee, if a refunding is applicable.
  •     - 100% of the cost, if a refunding is not applicable.
  • In any case, you are directly informed on the price you will be refunded, right after your purchase, on your Confirmation Voucher.
  • In the event of cancellation 48 hours before departure there will be 50% cancellation fee and in the event of cancellation up to 24 hours before departure there will be 100% cancellation fee.
  • Any cancellation more than 2 days, the amount refunded minus bank commissions.
  • All our tours are subject to change & cancellation at any time do to unforeseen weather conditions, road closers, government strikes or any other unexpected reasons.
  • Refunds are made only if plane, boat or train don't arrive due to weather conditions, strikes or any malfunction.


Payment Policy

  • Airport transfer services must be paid right after the service is booked, by using the payment button on your screen, or later on, by using the payment link sent to your email. If the payment is not made until 25 minutes, the latest, after the purchase, the transportation service is automatically cancelled. Payment cannot be made on arrival.
  • In case you register for 2 transfer services at the same time (an arrival and a departure transfer), when paying right after the purchase, you pay for both. If you decide to pay using the payment link sent to your email, you will pay for each one individually, as per the instructions sent.
  • Payments may be refundable, according to our Cancellation / Refunding Policy (please see below). Please make sure that you have completed correctly all the details of your transfer service, before proceeding to payment.
  • In case of a problem in payment, please contact us, by phone, or use our contact form, to resolve your issue.
  • A prerequisite for the realization of your tour or from one destination to another is the payment of the total amount 7 days or more before performing it.
  • Deposit funds through On-line payment system (ALPHA ECCOMERCE, VISA MASTERCARD, MAESTRO AMERICAN EXPRES) debit, credit and prepaid card, or bank account.


A/C Number: 151-00 -2310027490

Name : Kagioulis Panagiotis (Ioannis)

ΙΒΑΝ :  GR17 0140 1510 1510 0231 0027 490


Terms of banking transactions through website

The buying process of our services are carried out in a safe manner through special service of Alpha Bank. The screen / web page enter your card details provided by Alpha Bank. Your card data is encrypted and sent to the card issuer for approval of charging. These data are not shared with any third party (not even the provider of the product / service you purchase). Possible is the use of credit and prepaid debit cards.

Accepted cards are: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.


Payment security

All payments made using your credit card are processed through the electronic payment platform "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and they make use of the TLS 1.1 encryption protocol with 128-bit encryption (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, at which point it is decoded, using the appropriate encryption key. This method is safe and protects all your sensitive information (credit card information and personal information) when paying.